Religious Freedom Watch

Within the Criminal mind of the Scientologist, "Religious Freedom" means being above the law. This is how they can self justify their outrageously oppressive, suppressive and criminal activites.

Scientology's former top man in Europe is currently in Jail awaiting trial for multiple murders, in multiple countries.

Many fraud operations have been discovered to have been run by committed Scientologists in their endless quest to "increase their flows" which is cult-speak for feeding money into their beloved cult.

Driving people to suicide is a run of the mill activity for Scientology staff, who quite simply don't care if someone goes crazy or not with their ever increasing demands for money and the pressure they inflict upon their own members to "Donate"

Relgious Freedom Watch (dot) org is a website run by Mr Joel Phillips on behalf of the Scientology cult, it's pages are full of bitter and twisted attacks upon any percieved enemies of the Cult.

Truth-stretching and outright lies are the order of every day for Mr Phillips, who's every word is sanctioned by the violent and aggressive dictator of Scientology, Mr David Miscavige, who supervises every page Mr Phillips intends to publish, to make sure that there's enough hate in there.