Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Who Is Joel Phillips?

Joel Phillips is the current holder of the Scientology organization's latest hate pages on its critics and former members.

Before it was Religious Freedom Watch, it was the Scientology Parishioner's League, held by one Russell Shaw, Scientologist and Arizona realtor. Then, as now, the pages were full of half-truths and outright fabrications carefully crafted to walk the thin line between free speech and libel.

Joel Phillips admits in his current Wordpress blog that religiousfreedomwatch.org is funded by his mortgage company.

That website has pages dedicated to a whole list of critics who have proven to be effective in the battle to expose Scientology's abuses and criminal behavior.

Mr. Phillips has drunk deep of the Kool-Aid. He can be seen on Hollywood Boulevard, spending his weekend manning the Free Stress Test table. He's a pretty big man on the internet, but video shows him ready to scuttle when people featured in his pages come by for a chat. Tory Christman, ex-Scientologist and 60+ year old lady, got him doing the Zoidberg Scuttle in under 30 seconds. Joel Phillips has no confront in real life.

The accusations of Religious Freedom Watch are evidence of immature, stunted minds; a condition imposed by dwelling in a forced Alternate Reality Bubble crafted by sci-fi pulp fiction hack L. Ron Hubbard. Look upon the pages of RFW and ask yourself if they reflect the happy shiny "save the world" PR hype of Scientology spokesclams.

Are these pages consistent with their PR hype? Nope, this is their true face after the veil of smoke has been cleared away. Vicious. Juvenile. Bullying.

Does Joel Phillips know that IAS Freedom Medal winner Dennis Clark was living in his car after suffering a stroke? Clark gave his life to Scientology, and when he could no longer produce, they kicked him to the curb.

Does Joel Phillips know that International Director of Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Jan Eastgate, was arrested last month in Australia for perverting the course of justice when she tried to cover up the ongoing molestation of an 11 year old girl at the hands of her Scientologist stepdaddy?

Is Joel Phillips aware that the FBI is investigating Scientology for human trafficking?

No, Joel knows none of this, because to a Scientologist, the news is "too enturbulating" so they prefer to dwell in the dark feeding off Hubbard's voluminous excretions.

And so we see that Mr. Phillips gets to be the proud holder of Scientology's very own attack website. When somebody finally sues him, Scientology will drop him for causing bad publicity.
The cult claims that even negative publicity causes people to seek out Scientology. That's probably true, but they're not there to sign up, they're there to point and laugh at the deluded, brainwashed Ronbots.

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